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tv   News  ABC  November 19, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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105-degree heat. the most 100-degree days on record. oh, yeah, tropical storm nicole giving us flooding back to the end of september. way we have been talking about another. how can we forget that earthquake, 3 point sixer nearby. the one chilly thanks for reminding me. how could we forget the earthquake with everything else. this morning we're not forgetting you're a done dog. 41 degrees your winds gusting to 21 miles per hour. but a breeze and partly cloudy sky this morning. sunny afternoon guaranteed high. huge smile on her face, nothing shaking her on the belly. >> no, not yet justin, not nothing major at this time. volume starts to increase, the speeds start to slow down. as we look here at liberty road, you see the volume starting to pick up. fortunately nothing major, we do have a couple of things to show you on the map on the outer loop at stevenson, a pair of crashes each blocking the
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left shoulder, not impacting traffic really at this time. up in lutherville, richly grove. the traffic lights are out. when you approach that intersection and up in street maryland we do have accident at route 543 and route 646. meg and charlie back to you. they are sleeping in their homes but still have so far to g. the people of the dutchville apartments are going to spend their weekend cleaning up an talking to insurance companies after tornado swept through their area. she region son joins us life from this. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: it sure will be a long process here. the clean up is still continuing this morning. take a look behind me here, you can see that the debris still litters the area here, huge tree stomped here. actually you can see the line here sagging where debris fell on this telephone wires here. so definitely a long process to go and actually yesterday many
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people were able to move back into their homes. now the storm damaged more than 350 homes in this area, but the city has condemned 54 this units in these apartment complexes. the storm ripped off roofs and the 80-mile an hour wind caused major damage. many people took inventory of their belongings before they returned home. before police could lock down the complex, it appeared some people were victims of looting even during the time of disaster. as her family left through the front door during the tornado, looters came through her blown out patio door. >> they took the tv and they took a couple of children's games and that's not covered by insurance. >> reporter: she says her insurance company it would have covered the stolen items if someone had broken in. since they worked in where the storm passed, they will not cover it. unfortunately many of the
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renters in this area do not have insurance and that can face a total loss. reporting live in northeast baltimore. and you can help out. there are families who live out there. the red cross says all you have to do is donate $10 by texting, react to 50555. or you can always call the number on your screen. 4,106,242,000. and remember ab c-2 news will continue following the storm clean up. you can always head to our web site for all sorts of information, video stories, anything that you need. you can check out our facebook fan page. taking a look at news from around the nation, a tragic end in the search for three missing people in ohio. police say the man arrest for kidnapping sarah manaard pointed to the bodies of her
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family. four people went missing more than a week ago. investigators say the three victims were killed in that home. 30-year-old matthew hoffman charged is the only suspect right now in those killings. all right take a look at this, if you're drinking your coffee, i don't want you to drop it. a couple there returning from the grocery store discovered a surprise under their car. >> so gross. >> it's a 9-foot red tail bow con stricter they used a little cooking oil to loosen up the grip. the car's engine it was not clear where the snake came from but animal control workers suspected it broke free from its owner care and ended up hitching a ride on that car. >> unbelievable. >> owner's care. >> all right. you probably won't find many people out that were thankful to have been in a car accident. that's the case of one massachusetts man. he may not be alive today if he
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hadn't crashed his truck. he was driving down a busy road when he popped some raisins and started choking. he passed out behind the wheel. he swerved into on-coming traffic, when his air bag deployed. it dislodged the raisin from his throat. >> we think it's crazy. i think it's crazy. i think it's a miracle. i think that's awesomed. he's blessed to be alive. >> reporter: no one else was injured in that crash. >> unbelievable. when we return look at weather and traffic and something old, something new, something blue. we bet you probably like them all. >> look at this. the world's famous grand new look, we're going to show you it to you and tell you where you can check it out. black friday is a week away. most popular sell items are usually those big screen tvs. we'll tell you where you can get the best deals on those and other electronics when we return.
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6:39 right now in this morning's consumer alert. many retailers are already rolling back. they're sneaking the perks out there, sneak peaks of all those big holiday sales for some shoppers that means shopping for the hottest gadgetsment others that means splurging on things like those big screen tvs. all the guys like that. even if you're not up to speed, here there's a trend we have karen who is going to lay it all out for you. >> the deals are already out there. some retailers counting better than black friday deals. some seeing those after thanksgiving store busters. when it comes to -- electronics usually tops the list. >> it's more affordable than ever, the features you get for
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what you pay for is really good value right now in technology -- in a technology market. >> for many electronic shopping happens just once a year. do your homework before you hit the mall. research products for features an price on the internet at home without the in store pressure to purchase. don't let big sales get the best of you, especially when it comes to those big screen tvs. >> bigger is not always better. a lot of people want to get the biggest tv. they want to keep up with the jones', you aeneid to get a tv that's appropriate for the room size that you're going to put its in. >> if you're gifting a smartphone or any other electronic item, check the store's return policy. most require the original packaging and some will charge restocking fee. for consumer watch, i'm karen. >> that's big tvs to big diamonds. they're celebrating half a century on display at the national museum. the blue diamond was unvailed
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in its new setting as part of necklace designed by harry winston. places the diamond in a wider, triple strand necklace that embraces it and reuniting at the bottom. the hope will be shown for this setting for a year before being returned to its traditional one. >> you know what, i don't know, i think i'd have to walk around like this. that thing looks huge. no way. >> welcoming up the shooting of a dog called name bear bear called a huge public outcry. >> the man accused of killing him has his day in court. we'll tell you what both sides are saying. how much would you pay to avoid getting a speeding ticket. takes traditional radar detector taking it one step further. >> they should be -- we're going to have preview, plus -- >> i'm johnson live in northeast baltimore, tornado
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victims return home, now comes the insurance process, more on that story coming up. ♪ you look like an angel
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645 good morning i'm charles and good morning maryland. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning before we get to all your news. hey, justin. >> good morning it's so much to talk about while we're assessing and working on the final aspects of that confirmed tornado. wife been talking about high records. the record heat, the flooding from that tropical storm at the end of september. how about we get a little break. by the way shelly knicks want to give you another shot out. this morning mix of clouds on the north side. looks like we're going to have 38 degrees to start off with more sun this afternoon. guaranteed high of 50. >> traffic is beginning to slow actually stop and go here. an accident reported on the outer loop not reported to be blocking any lanes. we do have a handful of crashes in and around the city. we'll get to those in just a
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few moments. meg gap and charlie back to you. >> returning home after your home has been turned upside down can be overwhelming. this morning people living in the dutch village apartment are waking up to that. it's a long clean up process gets started. >> reporter: good morning. that's right it will be a long clean up process, take a look behind me. also crews have been working around the clock. there's still a long way to go. you can still see debris littering the lawn here. you see the uprooted tree. that's a huge tree there. that tells -- tells you how strong the winds were. this was one of the condemned buildings here. you can see the red sign ton the front of the door this means these folks will not be able to move back into their home. they were allowed in yesterday for a brief period of time just to pick up their personal belongings then they had to come right back out. so they will not be able to move back in there. other folks that -- they will actually be able to move and
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you can still see spots of sheets of ply woods in the trees, people returned home. the storm damaged more than 350 homes in this area, but the city has condemned 54 units in these apartment complexes. the storm ripped off roofs and the 80-mile per hour winds caused significant damage here. many of the people forced from their homes. really concerned about their valuables. >> i was told after tonight, you know, security won't be around here. so the biggest items and stuff that i couldn't take, which i'm not worried about that. you know, it something they can take it. >> now some of the folks said they had problems with their insurance company while they left out the front door and locked it, unfortunately some of the looters came in through blown out windows and some of the insurance companies are not covering things that are damaged that were stolen. unfortunately many of the renters in this area don't have insurance, so for -- reporting live in northeast baltimore,
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she region son ab c-2 news. >> sherry thank you. the american red cross continues taking donations to help people struggling to make a bad situation better. now you can help those families with donation to american red cross. the information there on your screen donate ten bucks by texting. or you can give them a call to help make a difference. we'll continue to following the storm clean up. head to our web site. ab c-2 you can also check out our facebook fan page. a woman police say was set on fire and howard downy by her boyfriend has died. friends that we spoke to over night say that pamela passed away yesterday morning after suffering such severe burns. her boyfriend is expected to be charged with her murder. the two had been dating and witnesses say that he poured a two liter bottle of gasoline on her and lit her on fire late last month in a wooded area.
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friends plan to hold a memorial service on sunday at 1:30 for meyers. a town woman is recovering this morning after her husband shot her nine times. police say the woman was able to get out of the home with her 8-year-old son. her husband terrence wilson barricaded himself inside the house on oak trace way for four hours yesterday morning before killing himself. they responded to domestic call as cently as wednesday nigh. >> shot and killed by an off duty federal officer. it's going to be heard by a judge this afternoon. in august you'll recall officer keith shepherd was charged animal cruelty. shepherd says the dog was attacking his dog when he couldn't break up the fight. he opened fire. bear bear's owner said the dogs were playing in the case was initially dismissed but has been re-opened after a huge public outcry.
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people living say that leslie johnson was involved in the crimes that they -- she's been accused of and they want nothing to do with her. they started a petition to prevent the council member elect from taking office. johnson was arrested last week with her husband out going county executive jack johnson. he accepted 15 grand from a developer and federal investigators heard him tell his wife to flush a 10,000- dollar check down the toilet. election officials say there's no state law to prevent leslie johnson from being sworn in. baltimore man accused of impersonating a police officer to molest a teenage boy has been indicted. he was mentoring the victim and persuaded his mother to let him stay so he could talk to the team as well as walk to school from there. he volunteered as the friendship academy which is
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away from this northeast baltimore apartment. >> right now, if you want to avoid speed traps, you have one, right? >> no, i don't. >> but a new device called the eye radar can help you avoid speed traps, red light cameras. the radar basically plugs into the smartphone using its blue tooth gps and internet services consumers say the only draw back is the price, it's going to cost you $170 so some say it's actually worth it because that's how much a ticket can be. maryland comes in third in the country when it comes to getting caught by those cameras and -- as well as police officers and some drivers believe that the i radar pay for itself while others have a novel idea. don't break traffic laws. it will end manufacturing operations at its middle river laying off 60 people.
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the company said employ 470 people after the cuts remaining. employees -- the remaining employees will work engineering research and design, lockheed mart tin says production and the launch system in its middle river side has continued to decline over the past five years while cost has obviously gone up. the maryland campus in new york's medical square guardian. freshman have gone 14 points. 12 boards. to 79-70 victory over maryland in semi finals in sports classic at madison square garden. it was bench that picked up the slack. sunday will be the perfect chance for 6-3 ravens to get well and keep pace they're atop the afc north. after the cubs, nfl version of
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the homecoming opponent. they're sitting at 1 and eight. quarterback who's thrown five passes in the past eight years. last week was a stay at home dad. welcome back to the national football league your first order of business taking on ray lewis. it is 6:53 right now. tonight, though, famous hat dancing santas are going to make their way to the decorated promenade. some tap dancing here all for this holiday season. this year there's going to be a new sponsor, baltimore grand prix which we all know is coming. this year santa's house will be green. it will have 320 pounds of recycled metal. >> of course santa is green. >> you may want to get a good laugh. you and i have seen this guy. >> really, come median.
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>> jerry sign field he's going to be at the sinfonie hall tonight. he's going to perform two shows. tickets are still available. they range in price anywhere from $62 to $77. last check they're still out there. he's pretty funny if you're still interested. we've had ourselves a mix of clouds. you can see some of that as we take a look at our time lapse. a bit of breeze is gusting 13 miles per hour and at north baltimore city. 40 degrees on thermometer. we have officially 38. ironically warmer to our north and west. that's because cloud cover acting as a little blanket. the clouds will ease up we may have to fight some of them off officially baltimore northbound this morning. the high pressure builds in.
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that should ease up our chilly breeze although we do expect to have a cool afternoon and temperatures stay below normal, they're very cold night. the week will shift and get back to minor massachusetts there will be a developing storm back across the central planes that's going to make for major changes during thanksgiving week. 50 degrees, breezy and much colder. gusts this morning could get up to 20 miles per hour but the wind should ease we should get more sun into the afternoon. clear sky, allow us draw back to 29. we're looking for mid-50s and near normal. temperatures may drop a little bit on sunday i'm trying to be optimistic. as we head through monday we'll push 59. back above normal 60 to 65. the next storm will be windy. it will be a warm wind it will be rain heavy, wednesday through thursday morning that thanksgiving which means the turkey trotters could get wet in a morning high of 58, falling during the day and post thanksgiving into next weekend, we could have much colder
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weather so stay tuned. >> as we take a live look here at the beltway there about bell air to the valley. it is going to be stop and go ride. just plan trip aaccordingly. >> we have incidents area. accident involved eastern avenue. al working a crash on the west side of outer loop at eudemon son avenue not blocking any lanes at this time. a crash reported at -- putti hill -- >> cooing up, the latest photos from the denver post which show an extreme pat down growing further. and it is surprise nightmare, perfect dress gone. reality for dozens of women in chicago when a bridle store burns to the ground. so we're going to talk to some of the brides who lost their dresses, what a bummer. remember our news and weather.
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remember the news always continues at ab c-2 >> have a great day and have a wonderful weekend.
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